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News from Albania

News from Albania

By on Jun 27, 2015

ShelleyLatest news from Julie Shelley in Albania

It has been a very interesting first month and a half in Korce.  I am very excited to say that as I write this, Emiljano and my wedding is only 44 days away, and yes we are counting.  There is a lot of hustle and bustle in planning, and I ask for your prayers as we plan and mix two cultures in our wedding.

I am giddy at the thought of an exciting new opportunity. It seems there is an orphanage here in Korce that houses disabled children, and I just so happen to be friends with someone who knows the director of this particular orphanage very well. So, likely sometime in September (after all the wedding planning and honeymooning is done), I will be going with her to meet this director and to (hopefully) volunteer at the orphanage, as I did from time to time in Elbasan.  Please keep this opportunity in your prayers as it is something I absolutely would love to do.

Also, the calling that God has put on my life to reach the girls and women of Korce with His love has only grown stronger, despite the fact that I told Him that I would rather be called to church plant near the beach where I can swim all day. His answer for now is subtle ministry to the females of Korce, encouraging them to fulfill their callings in Him. This Thursday I will be hosting our girls group in my home. I am very excited to have the opportunity to gather these girls 2 times a month and talk about things that are relevant to them. I am very blessed to have the team of leaders we have in this group who have the same vision as I do, to teach a new generation of girls to be freed in Christ.

One piece of news that is very important for you to know is in regards to the young lady who I wrote you about last month. Gena has had a dream where she says she saw a vision of an angel telling her that Allah is the God she is to worship. I have approached this with a graceful response, encouraging her to read and study both the Koran and the Bible because she seems to be hearing from the gods of both religions. I told her to take time to study and that if she sought Truth, then the real God would reveal Himself to her and give her a foundation so that she doesn’t have to be unsure anymore. Please keep Gena in your prayers, as I believe there is a spiritual battle going on for her soul at the moment.

On a final note, I want to thank you all for your continued support. Those of you who have inquired about how to send wedding gifts, I will be posting a list of things we need for the wedding and for our house, along with their costs (our way of doing a registry since international shipping is expensive). Please let me know if you would like to receive this list.

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